Company Profile

Biogenics was founded as a result of the demand for COLOSTROMETER™ subsequent to the original publication in the Journal of Dairy Science (Fleenor & Stott, 1980). From our inception, we have been solely dedicated to the promotion and distribution of the COLOSTROMETER™. For over three decades, we have introduced this instrument to virtually every country in the world.

We have received an overwhelming positive response from satisfied customers, indicating the COLOSTROMETER™ was either directly, or indirectly, responsible for reducing calf mortality/morbidity rates. Most users agree this instrument has helped increase their overall awareness of the value of maintaining a colostrum quality control program.

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Colostrometer™ Key Features

  • Removes the guess work from colostrum feeding

  • Establishes a minimum volume of colostrum necessary to feed a newborn calf

  • Identifies colostrum that should not be fed to newborn calves

  • A color coded scale for quick determination of colostrum quality

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